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Prices Realized

Here are a few prices realized. To see recently completed auctions: On the left side of the page check the box "completed listings" and click show items (you will need an ebay account to view), Click Here

Please see below for a couple of comparisons pulled directly from ebay. We show hummels because they are very easy to draw comparisons. Many items we sell are so rare and unique that it's difficult to find other sellers!

Yankee Doodle 1846-47 Bound Periodical...Price Realized: $1247.20

Signed Loetz Austrian Vase...Price Realized: $5250.00

Lladro La Tarantella...Price Realized: $900.00

2 Cast Iron Stamping Tools, 19th Century...Price Realized: $1005.55stamping tools

Mary Pickford's Estey Baby Grand Piano...Price Realized $2025.00
mary pickford's piano

Crouse-Hinds Traffic Light from the 1930s.. Price Realized: $2226.00
crouse light


Hummel Ring Around the Rosie...Price Realized: $873.53

The Amazing Spider-Man #1...Price Realized: $4350.00

Bound Newspaper Comics, 1938-40...Price Realized: $4305.97

Gibson Mandolin, 1919 or earlier...Price Realized: $950.00

Elastolin Soliders...Price Realized: $2325.00

Hummel Land in Sight...Price Realized



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94C Cherry Valley Ave
West Hempstead, NY 11552

ph: 516-489-6004